Part1:SCADA Course Content

  1. What’s “SCADA” System?
  2. Main Component of SCADA System.
  3. Building “SCADA” System:
    1. Hard Ware Configuration
    2. Data Base Over View
    3. Graphics Creation
  4. Development an animation of Practical Industrial Process.
  5. -What’s Tags?
  6. -Learning Software of (wincc) and TIA PORTAL..
  7. -Introduction to Some of the System Advanced Features.
  8. Including:
    1. Alarm real time.
    2. Time trending. Historical trending.
    3. Making small “SCADA” System Project.
  9. Protocol details.
  10. Development an understanding of drivers and Data Transfer to “PLC”. -Availability of frequencies.
  11. Path studies and seasonal effects.
  12. Operator Interface Media:
    1. System security considerations.
    2. Redundant systems.
  13. Making Large “SCADA” System Project.

Part2:HMI programming

  • Working with WinCC flexible Engineering System and TIA PORTAL.
  • Working with WinCC flexible Runtime
  • Graphic Design editor
  • Tags and tag logging
  • Makes tags data base
  • Trends and trends data base
  • Creating alarm and alarm logging editor
  • Discrete and analog alarm
  • Make alarm data base
  • Scada security system
  • Transfer Project to the HMI Device
  • Archiving and trends process data with report design
  • Archiving complete Applications software, hardware Application’s