Egyptian Company for Engineering Training (EGY CET) is a professional engineering company which offers engineering courses for all engineering disciplines, practical training on the latest scientific and laboratory equipment.

EGY CET- Egyptian Company for Engineering Training
EGY CET Experience

EGY CET Experience​

EGY CET Egyptian Company for Engineering Training was established after the experience in the field of training for many years.


Unlike many other companies in our field who “oversell” and “under deliver”, we pride ourselves on the ability to provide a fast, efficient, reliable and cost conscious service.


Quality is our motto, and we are proud that we are a company that is managed by the opinions of its customers through a quality system based on ISO-9001 standards, always keen to measure the extent of customer satisfaction during and after providing the service

Our goal is to raise the level of engineers and engineering students and vocational training courses and programs to engineering students in the fields of Communications, Electronics, Power, Medical Engineering, Mechatronics, Civil, and Mechanical Engineering to improve students skills in order to meet the domestic and international job market requirements.

Seek to spread knowledge and technology through participation in various projects for the training of young people on the labor market in addition to our participation in the construction of projects of networks and information systems for companies, institutions and colleges and universities specialized and non-profit organizations.