Power Stations Fundamentals


Power Stations Fundamentals


Course Objectives

  • To gain knowledge about power stations.
  • To be aware of concepts, basics and principles used to generate the electrical power.
  • To be aware of the main components of the power stations and how it works.

Course Contents


  • Introduction to network grid
  • Types of power stations
  • Power stations description
  • Combined cycle introduction

2.Gas Turbine

  • Gas turbine introduction
  • Gas turbine components
  • Air compressor
  • Combustion chamber
  • Turbine
  • Auxiliaries

3.Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG)

  • The main concept of water steam cycle
  • HRSG components
  • Drums
  • Pumps

4.Steam Turbine

  • Steam turbine introduction
  • Steam turbine components and how it works



7.P&ID Legend and how to read the pipes and instrumentations diagrams

8.Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) principles


Who should attend?

  • Engineers who work in power stations
  • Junior engineers who will start to work in combined cycle power stations
  • Engineers who interest to know about power stations
  • Master’s degree students who study Gas Turbine, Steam Turbine and combined cycle power stations
  • Engineering students who prepare research about power stations
  • Technicians who work in power stations (especially foreign technicians who work outside Egypt)

Course Duration

  • 6 days, 4 hrs. for each lecture