Plant Operation and Troubleshooting


Plant Operation and Troubleshooting

Course Objective

The course will cover all aspects of gas plant processing including:  review of the gas laws, calculations of natural gas properties, inlet separation, condensate stabilization, sweetening processes, dehydration processes (Glycol, M. Sieve, etc.), refrigeration, LPG fractionation and gas sweetening processes, the focus will be on important operating principles, process control variables, operating problems .


Who Should Attend

This course will be particular interest to new process engineers, process supervisor, and new engineers in relation to the important features of gas processing.


Course Content

  1. Introduction to main oil and gas facilities
  2. Oil refining facilities
  3. Gas processing facilities
  4. Process Area Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Aids
  • People Skills
  • Troubleshooting Scenario
  • Troubleshooting Methods
  1. Process Area Startup
  • Pre-startup Requirements
  • Vessel Inspection
  • Piping and Instrument Check
  • Strength and Leak Testing
  • Flush Lines
  • Air Freeing
  1. Process Area Shutdown
  • Shutdown and Turnaround planning
  • Process Shutdown
  • Emergency Shutdown
  • Hydrocarbon Disposal


Course Duration:  (5) Days