Technical office and site qualification


Technical office and site qualification (20 Hrs):

Chapter(1):  Persons related to construction project

  1. Owner, Consultant, Contractor
  2. Tender Documentation (BOQ, Technical, Financial,…..).
    Chapter(2): Shop drawing of Power outlets system
  • Select the suitable raceway (Imbedded or exposed)
    Conduit systems, Cable tray
  • Describe the raceway size
  • Describe the wiring
  • Describe the details
  • Build up the printing layout

Chapter(3):  Shop drawing of Lighting system

  1. Offices, employees places …
  2. Smart control for public area
  3. Light control panel For public area
  4. Dimming panel

Chapter(4):  Shop drawing of Light current systems

  • Fire Alarm system.
  • Sound system (Public address system).
  • Voice over IP (VOIP) system.
  • Data network System and IP system.
  • Closed circuit T.V system (CCTV).
  • Queuing (Clients calling) system.
  • Intrusion (Security) system.
  • Nurse Calling system
  • Clock system
  • Access control system
  • Audio visual system
  • Attendance system with data
  • Master Antenna TV system (MATV)

Chapter(6):  Shop drawing of Cable tray

  • Determine the start and end points (MDB &DB or load)
  • Select the suitable Cable Routing in corridors
  • Determine the cable tray arrangement (start from end)
  • Determine the cable tray width
  • Sections of elevations of cable trays

Chapter(7):  Shop drawing of Panel Board

  • Incoming conduits & Tray
  • Wires arrangement
  • Cable termination
  • Cable Gland

Chapter(8):  Coordination plans

  • Co-Ordination between power cable and low current systems.
  • Co-Ordination between HVAC and power cable and low current systems.
  • Co-Ordination between Plumping and power cable and low current systems.
  • Co-Ordination between cable tray and civil structure and architecture

Chapter(9):  Dimension of electric rooms

  • Panel room
  • Generator room
  • Transformer room
  • RMU Room
  • Distributer

Chapter(10):  Counting of quantities

Counting of lighting components
Counting of socket components

Conduits length
Connectors, Clips, junction boxes……

Cable Metering
cable tray metering
Chapter(11):  Pricing

Lighting outlet
Socket outlet
Lighting fixtures
Socket Fixtures
Cable, Cable tray

Chapter(12): Submittal material

Approved systems with different companies

Chapter(13):  Electric Tools
Nose pliers

  • Wire stripper
  • Tester driver
  • Screw drivers
  • Square screw drivers
  • Wire cutter
  • Water balance
  • Hammer
  • Handel drill
  • Measure tap
  • ……
  • Chapter(14): Site Engineer
  • Electrical construction
  • Electrical proceeding
  • Technicians management
  • Store management
  • Inspection , tests, acceptance