Surface Facilities Production Operations



Surface Facilities Production Operations


Course Objectives

After completing this course, participants will be able the mechanisms of phase behavior and fluid properties that influence the performance of surface treatment facilities, determine pressure drop in pipes and fittings, understand the working mechanism of separators, pumps and compressors, understand the principles behind oil and gas preparation for diverting to major process facilities.

This program will give an idea about the field handling of oil and gas.


Who Should Attend

The program is ideal for personnel involved in oil and gas process operations, troubleshooting, and technical services as well as others providing services to the petroleum industry, should also find this program beneficial .

Course Contents

  1. Oil and gas wells arrangement and control.
  2. Artificial lifting techniques
  3. Separation equipments
  4. Oil treatment
  5. Gas conditioning
  6. Pumps and compressors
  7. Storage and loading facilities


Course Duration: (5) Days