Solidworks Training Course

Level -1(Essentials & part design) 24 hr

*Pre-requisites:- Computer basics.

– Mechanical Drawing Basics.

*Objective:Using the SolidWorks mechanical design automation software to build parametric models of parts .


  • Introducing solidworks.
  • SolidWorks Basics and the User Interface.
  • Introduction to Sketching.
  • Basic Part Modeling.
  • Using Visualizing Techniques.
  • Selecting Features.
  • Patterning
  • Revolved Features.
  • Shelling and Ribs.
  • Using Equations.



SolidWorks Level 2 (24 HR)

*Pre-requisites:- Computer basics.

– Mechanical Drawing Basics.

– Attending Solidwork  Level 1.

*Objective:         –  Using Solidwork to  build parametric models of Assembly , maximize your use of the assembly modeling capabilities of Solidwork mechanical design automation software, make drawings of Solidwork parts and assemblies and make kinematics simulation and study the velocity and acceleration of each point.


  • The Analysis Process
  • Mesh Control, Stress Concentration and Boundary Conditions
  • Assembly Analysis with Contacts
  • Symmetrical and Free Self-Equilibrated Assemblies
  • Assembly Analysis with Connectors
  • Compatible/Incompatible Meshes
  • Assembly Analysis Mesh Refinement
  • Analysis of Thin Components
  • Mixed Meshing Shells & Solids
  • Mixed Meshing Solids, Beams & Shells
  • Design Study
  • Thermal Stress Analysis
  • Adaptive Meshing
  • Large Displacement Analysis