Solar Energy


1st day: Basics

  • Solar Energy Fundamentals.
  • Components of PV systems
  • PV cell types and its technology.
  • PV Markets and Applications(street lighting system and solar pumpingsystem)
  • Basics of solar electricity: series and parallel connections.
  • I-V- characteristic curve of PV System.
  • PV orientation and shading.

2nd day :- System Components

  • Battery types and its technology.
  • Inverter types and its technology.
  • Charge controller types and its technology.
  • PV System types: -off Grid system, ON Grid system, and Hybrid System.

3rd day:- System Design

  • Voltage drop calculations
  • Wire sizing
  • System protection: (surge Aerostar-circuit breaker- switches-mc4 connectors)
  • Two-way relay meter
  • On-grid system design
  • Off grid system design

4th day: Training day

  • Case study
  • Practical installation


5th day :- Introduction to Solar thermal system

  • Irradiation and Irradiance
  • Geometry of solar elevation
  • Shading
  • Solar Hot Water Thermal System
  • Types of hot water solar systems


6th day :- Solar thermal system Components

  • Solar thermal energy collectors and It’s Types
  • Collector performance indices
  • Storage tank
  • Pumps
  • Expansion tank
  • Controls
  • Solar station
  • Piping , valves , and pipe insulation
  • Heat transfer fluid
  • Heat exchangers
  • Back-up/supplemental heater
  • Solar thermal system different Configurations

7th day :- System Design 1 (consumption, collector & store sizing)

  • Solar efficiency vs. Solar fraction
  • collector optimum orientation and inclination
  • Geometry of collector distance
  • Estimating consumption
  • Collector area
  • store volume

8th day :- System Design 2 (Detailed system design)

  • Collector selection, array configuration and connection.
  • system flow rate & pressure losses calculations
  • Network Piping sizing ,and selection.
  • Pump Sizing ,and selection.
  • Heat Exchanger sizing ,and selection.
  • System Safety components sizing ,and selection.
  • System volume and pressure calculation.
  • Expansion Vessel sizing ,and selection.
  • Case study.

9th day :- Design system in Computer Program

  • PV Syst. Program
  • AutoCAD