Process Simulation using “HYSYS”

Process Simulation using “HYSYS”

Contents and Activities:

  • What is Simulation? And where in our lives can we find models?
  • Reviewing the world’s top process simulators
  • What makes “Aspen Hysys” unique?
  • History of Aspen Technologies Incorporation and its products.
  • Using process simulators for oil, gas, and petrochemical plants.
  • Setting-up Aspen Hysys in trainees’ PCs.
  • How to use Aspen Hysys and deal with its Graphic User Interface (GUI).
  • Practical Sessions for reviewing basics of using Aspen Hysys capabilities:

Flash Calculations

Studying Thermo-Physical Properties of Ethylene

Flash Separation (Simple Oil/Gas Separator)

Gas Liquefaction

Mixing Two Raw Gas Streams

Simple Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle

Gas Compression Station

Raw Gas Processing Facility (HPS/LTS)

Gas Pipeline Calculations

Raw Gas Dehydration using TEG

Raw Gas Sweetening using DEA

Three-effect Evaporation (Sucrose Concentration Unit)

Distillation Towers 1

LPG Recovery Unit

Production of Hydrogen (PO of Methane)

Production of Propylene Glycol (PG)

Steam Tables with Aspen Hysys

EPC’s Ethylene Pipeline from Platform to Plant

Simulation of a Gas Turbine

Propane/Propylene splitter (C3-Splitter)

Studying Tray Hydraulics of a De-Butanizer

Aromatics Fractionation and Optimization

Project Economics of (Sucrose Concentration Unit)

Power Generation by a Combined Cycle (Air/steam Turbines).

Studrying the cooling techniques for the exothermic processes of Methanol synthesis.

  • Project economics and cost estimations.
  • Aspen Hysys quick access and shortcuts.
  • Process data tables and case studies.
  • Printing PFDs, reporting, shortcuts, and datasheets from Aspen Hysys.
  • Examination and Evaluation.