LPG Technology


LPG Technology

Course Objective

This course presents a detailed overview of the Liquefied Petroleum Gas technology .

Each major recovery process is discussed, including feed stocks, feedstock preparation, operating conditions.

The course is oriented toward the practical aspects of LPG production operations as well as the terminology and economics of the Plants.

Who Should Attend

This course will be particular interest to new process engineers, process supervisor, and new engineers in relation to the important features of gas processing.


Course Outline


  • Introduction
  • LPG Recovery
    • From Natural Gas
    • From Crude Oil
  • Theoretical Principles of Fractionation
  • Fundamentals of Separation in Towers
  • Fractionators Control, Operation & troubleshooting
  • Physical Properties of LPG.
  • Combustion of LPG
  • Bulk Distribution & Handling of LPG



Course Duration:  (5) Days