Java Basic Level 24 Hours

  • Introduction To Java
  • Data Types, Variables, Types of Errors
  • Integer Division, Type Casting, Incrementing and decrementing
  • Input, Output and Developing a Java program
  • Operators (Arithmetic, Logical, Relational)
  • Decision Statements (IF-Statements, Switch Statements, Conditional Statements).
  • Control Flow Statements (For-loop, While-loop, Do-while loop).
  • Methods (Built-In Methods and User-Defined Methods).
  • Overloading and Recursion.
  • Arrays (One dimensional – Two dimensional).
  • Dynamic Arrays and Array Lists.
  • Different Sorting Algorithms and Complexity.
  • Data Structures Stack and Queues in Java
  • Classes and Objects
  • Introduction To Graphical User Interface



Java Advanced Level 24 Hours

  • Review on Classes and Objects
  • Object Oriented Programming basic concepts
  • Inheritance, Polymorphism and Interface
  • Composition, Aggregation and Association
  • Files (Sequential, Binary and Random).
  • Exceptions Handling (Try and Catch).
  • Random Data and Random Class.
  • Java Swings (JFrames, JPanels).
  • Java GUI Main Components and Containers.
  • Java GUI Borders, Layouts, Colors.
  • Java GUI Radio Buttons and Check boxes.
  • Java GUI Lists, Combo boxes.
  • Java GUI Text Fields and Text Areas.
  • Java GUI Sliders, Labels and images.
  • Java GUI Menus and Menu Bars.
  • Java Applets and Create a website from java application.
  • Drawing basic shapes and timer using Java Applets.
  • Developing X-O and Snake Games.
  • Threads and Introduction to MySql with Java.