1-BMS basic 30 Hr

  1.  BMS Content 
    1- The meaning of BMS & it’s advantages.
    2- Explaining some applications where the BMS system can be used (Principle of operation).
    3- Explaining some classic control circuits & design of motor control center panels (MCC).
    a) Direct on line circuit (DOL )
    b) Reverse direction circuit (2 direction circuit)
    c) Star – Delta circuit
    d) Tow speed circuit ( Dalender )
    4- Types of BMS Brands.
    5- The goal of the use of BMS system.
    6- Components of control system.
    7- The meaning of I / O Points.
    8- Types of sensors which used in BMS system.
    9- Types of Modules & Auxiliary devices which used in BMS system.
    10- Explaining the application with using BMS system
    a) HVAC system (Chiller – AHU – Cooling Tower – Fan coil unit – Exhaust fan Boilers – Compressors – Dryer – Heat Exchanger -….etc.)
    b) Lighting
    c) Elevators
    d) Fire system
    e) Train gats
    f) Pumps
    11- The Meaning of view builder.
    12- The Meaning of Site builder.
    13- The Meaning of Network System & Standalone.
    14- Built up the Program control according to application which you need control it.
    15- Sequence of startup of BMS Projects.
    16- Match between Motor control system panels & BMS system.
    17- Steps of the receipt of BMS project.
    18- Validation of HVAC system by using BMS system.

2-BMS advanced 30 Hr

  1. concept of the Site builder Program.
  2. Executing a project using the Site Builder Program.
  3. concept of the view builder program and its most important features.
  4. Learn how to link between Logic program and View builder
  5. Learn how to work on. view builder Program
  6. Design of BMS Riser of LCP Panels
  7.  implement and read the shop drawing for BMS projects
  8. Cable Selection of BMS Projects.
  9. Module (Controllers) Selection of BMS Projects .
  10. pricing BMS projects
  11. Schematic drawing of BMS Panels
  12. I/O Selection of BMS Projects
  13. the Sequence of operation of BMS Project.
  14. the concept of the share points between the controllers
  15. Implementation of programming for a BMS project that contains .
  • AHU without Return fan.
  • AHU with Return fan.
  • CHILLERS (3).
  • Cooling Towers (3)
  • Nitrogen Generator (2)
  • Air Compressor (3)
  • Boilers (2).
  • Ex. Fan (3).
  • Lighting.
  • Refrigerators (2).
  • ZONES (CONTROL OF Pressure, air flow, Temp & HR%)
  • Bus coupler + 2 feeder + Diesel generator