3D-MAX and V-Ray

3D-MAX and V-Ray

Autodesk 3D Max  40 Hrs

1: Getting Started with 3ds Max Design
Project Workflow

The 3ds Max Design Interface

Viewing and Navigating 3D Space

General Viewport Concept

Setting Viewport Layout, Using Standard View Navigation

Setting Up Your Scene units setup

Home Grid

Quad menu

2: Creating Geometry I
Basics of Creating and Modifying Objects

Using the Create Panel

Creating Standard Primitives

3: Selecting, Organize & Controlling Object Display
Basics of Selecting Objects

Entering data : write, drag spinner, spinner snap, right click spinner

Freezing and Unfreezing Objects

Hiding and Unhiding Objects by Selection

Isolate Selection

Organize objects through groups & Attaching Objects

4: Edit & saving Commands
Saving Files

Configure paths


Import / Export


File Linking

Undo/Redo & Deleting Object

5: Transformation and Modifying objects
Moving, Rotating, and Scaling Objects

Creating Copies and Arrays

Techniques for Cloning Objects

Mirroring Objects

Using the Spacing Tool

Apply snapping


Coordinate systems / Reference (World, View, Pick, Local)

6: Creating Geometry II
Extended Primitives

Compound Objects

Modifiers :deformers, noise, waves, lattice

7: Creating Geometry III
Create  & Edit basic shapes

Understand the modifier stack

Vertex Editing

Segment Editing

Spline Editing

Using  modifiers with shapes to create 3D geometry: extrusion-loft-lathe-sweep-cross section

2D Modifiers

Modeling with importing AutoCAD drawing.

8: Creating Geometry IV
Polyline Modeling

Vertex Editing

Edge Editing

Border Editing

Polygon Editing

Element Editing

  1. Vray Rendering 24 Hrs

9: Introduction

introduction to digital picture & render engines

vray settings

10: Lights and Cameras

Using Standard Lights

Using Vray Lights

Using Cameras

11: Material Editor, Materials
Material Editor

Material Slot

Standard Material

Multi-sub-object material

Vray Material

12: Rendering
Rendering scene Dialog

Rendering using Vray