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PLC Basic

S7-1200 & RS-Logix



  • Control Systems Types in Brief
    • Programming control VS  Not programming control
    • Difference between microprocessor and microcontroller
    • Main automation levels and components


  • Different types of PLC.
    • History of Programmable logic control and their functions
    • Different brands of PLC all over the world
    • Introductions to the purpose, functions, and operations of the PLC in industrial applications\
    • Advantages of PLC’s over other type controls


  • PLC hardware Configuration.
    • Identification of various components of the PLC
    • Different types of Switches , Pushbuttons & Sensing Devices & Condition Sensors
    • Different types of actuatos such Solenoids & Proptional valves & Pump curves


  • Families of Siemens PLC
    • Difference between PLC family and series
    • Comparison between S7-200 & S7-1200 software and hardware


  • Working with S7-1200 via TIA
    • Connection of discrete inputs and outpus with PLC’s
    • Establishing communications with the PLC
    • I/O configuration and downloading PLC programs and implement different functions


  • Programming Language
    • Statement List (STL).
    • Ladder Diagram ( LAD)
    • Function Block Diagram (FBD)


  • Binary operations.
    • Bit logic operations with different functions set , reset , positive , negative ,…etc
    • Creating programs for various applications Simulated experiments):Star-Delta Starter, Direct online Starter , Tank level control , ….etc





  • Digital operations.
    • Timer & Counter & Compare & Convert & Move & Math operation Instructions ,…etc
    • Creating programs for various applications Simulated experiments):Flasher circuits, Garage control, Sequence of conveyors , ….etc


  • Analog operations.
    • Different types of analog signals
    • Sensors & transducers
    • Analog Signal Processing
    • Scaling and unscaling functions
    • Creating program for tansk temperature control using analog & digita operations


  • Advanced Instructions.
    • Proportional Integral Derivative Control (PID)
    • High speed counter (HSC)
    • Pulse train output (PTO)/Pulse with modulation (PWM)


  • Allen Bradley Company Software.
    • Complete Projects:
      • Control of tanks filling using PLC.
      • Control of doors using PLC.
      • Dual compressor control using PLC.
      • Batching process control.
      • Silo process control.
      • Garage door control.


  • PLC testing/troubleshooting through software
  • Digital and Anlog Sensores
  • Prox sensor
  • Photo sensor
  • Utrasonic sensor
  • Temp Sensor
  • Level Sensor
  • Presure Sensor …….
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