Heat transfer equipment Operation & maintenance

Heat transfer equipment Operation & maintenance
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Heat transfer equipment Operation & maintenance

Heat exchanger -Fired heater- Boilers


Session 1: introduction

1-1 Heat transfer theory

2-1 Types of heat transfer equipment

Session 2: Heat exchanger

1-2 Heat exchanger classification

2-2 Shell & Tube heat exchanger operation

3-2 Heat exchanger troubleshooting

4-2 heat exchanger maintenance

5-2 Heat exchanger revamp – main points

Session 3: Fired heater

1-3 Fired heaters classification

2-3 Fired heaters operation

2-3-A understand the secret of fired heaters tuning

2-3-B optimized fired heater control

2-3-C Better operation

3-3 Fired heaters maintenance

Session 4:  Steam boilers

1-4 Feed water specification

2-4 Heating curve of water

3-4 Types of steam boilers

4-4 Fired tube boilers operation

5-4 Maintenance of fired tube boilers

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