Oil & Gas &Petrochemicals

Oil & Gas &Petrochemicals

  • Petroleum Refining Engineering

  • Natural Gas Processing

  • Chemistry and Processes

  • Principles of Process Equipment

  • Pressure relieving and Flaring System

  • Steam Production and Applications

  • Process Simulation using “HYSYS”

  • Drilling Engineering

Petroleum Refining Engineering

Petroleum Refining Engineering.

  • Formation, composition and evaluation of crude oil.
  • Physical Separation Processes:

Atmospheric distillation.
Vacuum distillation.
Solvent extraction.

  • Conversion Processes:

Thermal cracking.
Catalytic cracking.
Plat-forming (Reforming).
Delayed coking.

  • Products’ Hydro-treatment Processes.
  • Oil Refineries in Egypt, a geographical map survey.


Natural Gas Processing

Natural Gas Processing – Basics: (Estimated duration: 8 hours).

  • Formation, composition and evaluation of crude oil.
  • Gas Conditioning Processes:

Gas sweetening.
Gas dehydration.

  • Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) Recovery:

Lean oil absorption process.
Gas chilling.
J-T valve NGLs recovery process.
Expander-compressor NGLs recovery process.

  • Gas Liquefaction (LNG production).
  • Gas Plants in Egypt, a geographical map survey.

Chemistry and Processes

Petrochemicals Engineering: Chemistry and Processes: (Estimated duration: 8 hours).

  • Introduction to petrochemicals in our life.
  • Chemicals based on Methane.
  • Chemicals based on Ethylene.
  • Chemicals based on Propylene.
  • Polymerization processes, techniques and reactions.
  • Thermoplastics and thermosettings.
  • Polyethylene production process.
  • Plastic recycling.
  • Petrochemicals companies in Egypt, a geographical map survey.

Principles of Process Equipment

Principles of Process Equipment in Oil and Gas Industry: (Estimated duration: 10 hours).

  • Oil/gas separators.
  • Fractionating towers and its intervals.
  • Basics of heat transfer basics and different types of heat exchangers.
  • Fired-heaters.
  • Valves types, operation and selection.
  • Pumps and compressors.
  • Boilers used for steam generation.
  • Above-ground storage tanks.

Pressure relieving and Flaring System

Pressure relieving and Flaring System in Process Plants: (Estimated duration: 16 hours).

  • Over pressure and sources of waste excessive gases in oil and gas plants.
  • Different alternatives used for safe and efficient disposal of waste gases.
  • Types of gas and liquid HCs flare systems.
  • Essential and optional components of a vertical flare system.
  • Flare system’s performance and inspection.
  • Environmental impact of flare in the surrounding area.
  • Flare gas recovery technology.
  • Using the computer application of “FLARES®” to evaluate an existing flare system.

Steam Production and Applications

Basics of Steam Engineering: (Estimated duration: 8 hours).

  • Process used to produce steam-producing water.
  • Production and domestic applications of steam.
  • Types of steam produced in oil and gas plants.
  • Steam tables and Steam’s Mollier chart.
  • Different types of boiler (steam generators).
  • Applications of steam in oil and gas industry.
  • Steam’s condensate recovery.

Process Simulation using “HYSYS”

Introduction to Process Simulation using “HYSYS”: (Estimated duration: 12 hours).

  •  Introduction to simulation.
  • HYSYS user’s interface.
  • Flash separation case.
  • Gas compression case.
  • Refrigeration cycle case.
  • Cude oil characterization in HYSYS.
  • Using unit operations.

How to print data sheets form HYSYS

Drilling Engineering

DrillingCourse (40 hr)

1- Introduction to drillingand basicunitsneeded
2- Drill string design
3- Hoisting system
4- Drillbits
5- Fluidflowindrillingengineering
6- Mudengineering
7- Righydraulic
8- Straight anddirectionalhole drilling
9- Fracturegradient
10- Casingand casing design
11- Cementing
12- Whole problems

13- Blowoutcontrol

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